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Futterneid at Post&Hess
Polentoni e Terroni
March 30th, 2014

Dinner parties at a shoe store? At a cobbler’s store actually? It would most certainly require a very special place to create the feel of one’s private dining room or a restaurant…

“Post & Hess”, located in Munich’s district Glockenbachviertel, meets these requirements perfectly. Lotte Post, Korbinian Ludwig Hess and Julia Mayer took over both shop and workshop in autumn 2013 from its retired owner and renovated cautiously: keeping old wooden floors, the oven, machinery and tools. They created elegant rooms with a “griabig” (Bavarian slang for “snugly” and “pleasant”) feel, which make “Post & Hess” the perfect location for the kick-off of “Social Dinner at…”, a new events series, organized by “Futterneid”, a catering-service run by Laura Veronesi and Antonia Simm.

“An evening with friends” reflects the evening’s vibe. About 15 guests are being regaled by the two hosts, with a witty and considerate cucina italiana – casually and cordially. Subtly nuanced salads, fresh homemade bread, a pomodoro-funghi-sugo, whose acerbity is being carried mildly by a polenta; the dessert promotes all the beautiful aspects of pistachio. When a plate or glas is emptied, seconds and refills automatically find their way to the guest. A culinary travel through italy, from north to south, accompanied with light white, grave red and sweet dessert wine – and of course revitalising espressi.

The 2 young entrepreneurs managed to build up a fantastic reputation in Munich’s catering scene quickly securing new clients. Arranging a “Social Dinner at…” in outstanding off beat locations with friends is the next step to sharpen their start-up’s profile.

Young passionate people’s craft(wo)manship reflected both evening and location. We advise you to make a reservation for one of the upcoming dinners swiftly, since interest in the events is high and a felicitious evening guaranteed.

We’re happy to announce the next Futterneid event April 26th, 2014! More details on the event will be announced on Futterneid’s Facebook page shortly.

Slider feature photography by Munich based photographer Ann-Sophie Wanninger.

Guest // Gast
Published: April 9th, 2014 By: Guest // Gast
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