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To celebrate the Dolce Vita, you don’t necessarily need to go to Italy. About forty minutes by car or an hour with the BOB outside of Munich, right at the lake called Tegernsee, you will find a lovely, small sauna oasis called Monte Mare Seesauna.

Here you can simply relax, and take a break from everyday life or enjoy a sexy date with your love! Unlike many other ‘wellness temples’, at the Monte Mare Lake Sauna Tegernsee you will find yourself without the turmoil’s of a water park or the smell of too much chlorine in your nose.

At the lake sauna you will sweat within an epic location surrounded by mountains and a lot of style. Five different saunas and so many different infusions are going to boost your vitality and energize your body!

So many infusion options to chose from: exotic infusions served with a fruit snack, infusions that are accompanied by relaxing sounds, some are simply pure natural flavored infusions or so called Wenik infusions where a sauna boy (or girl) is fanning the hot air with the wet branches of a birch tree – the only difficulty you will face is to decide where to go next and providing your body with enough water.

But no worries you have an entire lake at your feet. Jumping into the cool wet of the Tegernsee is the nicest contrast after a hot sauna! And the best part is that we do everything naked as we came in our beautiful Adam and Eva costumes! Textile free zone means freedom for body and soul. Here it is all about releasing yourself from the urban lethargy, jumping into the water with an energetic YES and recharging all the batteries. This place is perfect to ‘refeel’ yourself a hundred percent again and to enjoy life to the fullest and lushest.

Our favorite place at the lake sauna is called Irmengard, a boat that was converted into a swimming sauna, where you can sweat with a 360° Panorama view. Ahoi, is all we want to say now, and sweat well!

Three Must Do’s at Monte Mare Lakefront Sauna Tegernsee

1. Go through at least one sauna infusion and sweat as much as you can
2. Go jump into the cold lake after the sauna – why not try a cannonball!?
3. Lie down and stare into the sky and feel how the pulse is speeding your blood through your veins.

Address: Monte Mare Seesauna, Hauptstraße 63, 83684 Tegernsee
Tel: +49 (0)8022 1874770

Photo of Tegernsee with Seesauna © Rolf Kaul

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