Lake Obersee In Berchtesgaden
Boat trips, hiking and delicious food at the foot of Mt. Watzmann
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One of the most fabulous lakes in the National Park Berchtesgaden is Lake Obersee, which can be reached only by foot and is nestled between the slopes of the famous Mt. Watzmann massif.Before starting the hike at the Saletalm, you cross the spectacular fjord-like Lake Koenigssee by boat. The journey takes about an hour and is absolutely breathtaking.

The highlights of the boat ride are the famous church of St. Bartholomä and the skipper, who blows his trumpet in the middle of Lake Koenigsee, to demonstrate the echoes of the echo wall.

Once you arrive at the dock Saletalm it’s a 1.5 hours walk through the forest to Lake Obersee on a well-developed road. Then the trail turns narrow and rocky and leads along steep rock walls around the Obersee to Fischunkelalm. In the summer months the lodge is run by two milkmaids  and we recommend taking a break there to enjoy the view and a Bavarian snack.

It will take you another forty-five minute stroll into the rock basin and past the Alpine cows until the end of the valley, where the Röthbach Waterfall  plunges 470m into the depths.

Returning home passing a little town also named Königsee you can let the impressive walk sink in.

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Published: March 8th, 2015 By: Guest // Gast
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