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Since it’s discovery in the 13th century, Bad Gasteins’ thermal water attracts those looking for eternal youth.

Bad Gastein, originally known as “Wildbad Gastein” (“Wild Spa Gastein”) has always attracted people from all over the world. The slightly mineralised water bubbles out of the mountain at rousing 38°C. It contains traces of radon and is known to heal damaged body cells.

Back in the day, prospecting for gold was the reason to reactivate mining in this region. Although no gold was found, they did come across valuable healing powers. For 60 years now, this healing power from inside the Radhaus mountain has been used for medical purposes, helping many to a life free of pain, without the use of medicine. Responsible are the natural radon content, an air temperature between 37.0 and 41.5° C and the relative humidity between 70 and almost 100%.  The Heilstollen-Therapie (healing-cave therapy in radon galleries) helps ailments of the locomotory system, skin and respiratory passages, as well as promoting stabilization of the immune system.

Twice a week you can take a trip to the Stollen (galleries), to convince yourself of this globally unique healing power. Wrapped in a bath robe, you will start sweating a little on the 2.5 km journey into the galleries. It is medically proven that the healing climate leads to prolonged pain relief and previously necessary medicine dosages can be lowered after treatment. You will feel the positive effects on your body, mind and soul.

Address: Gasteiner Heilstollen, Heilstollenstraße 19, 5646 Bad Gastein
Tel: 0043 6434 37530

The 96Hours in Bad Gastein features – written by Rene Fleissner and Jana Kohler, photographed by Daniel SostaricAndre Kratzer und Thomas Taurer – were created in collaboration with Kora Group.

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Published: July 9th, 2014 By: Guest // Gast
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