SUP On Lake Garda
For Early Risers
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We all know that Lake Garda is made for sports: swimming, running, hiking, roadbiking, mountainbiking, climbing, surfing – and also for stand-up paddling.

If you want to feel like the lake is yours, try SUP on Lake Garda. Torbole is our preferred location!

The Ora, the southern winds, cause waves in the afternoon, so we recommend to do stand-up paddling in the morning until noon.

Liz Ke
Published: April 7th, 2016 By: Liz Ke
Liz Ke is a German photographer who captures everything from weddings to the view of where she stands on daily runs. As a distance runner, she can see much of the world through the power of her lens and legs, one of which she uses to hike through forests and balance on mountaintops, the other to fully appreciate the moment wherever she happens to be.
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