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On October 17 Metric is coming to Munich, and we could not be more excited! A constant favorite of most of us at Munich and the Mountains, they are a band that has been at my side through twists and turns, and through every adventure and misadventure.

For years Metric has managed to be the soundtrack for loneliness, for joy, for those of us who feel stuck or unsure but still want a beat to dance to, and music that speaks to them. With constant evolution, they have followed their maturation as a band into fearless growth, while remaining familiar. Emily Haines’ voice is a beacon through the mess, turning questions with no answers into anthems to believe in. Not anthems that belong in the stadium, but anthems that beat along to pulse in our veins – anthems that live inside of us and keep us going day to day. They are bright and hazy, electric and organic, and totally dazzling to see in person.

Their most recent record, Pagans in Vegas, was released this September and is the farthest push into shiny electro-pop yet, but it is a completely human experience. With a blend of melancholy, searching lyrics and tight beats, Pagans explores the human relationship to technology, the modern world, and to each other. With a stunning back catalogue of songs and albums, and a live set that promises to electrify, this is a show to look forward to.

To enter to win 2 tickets, email with your full name and subject line “Anthems To Believe In” by Oct 16, 2015 6pm! Starting in November, all ticket giveaways will be done via our newsletter, so make sure to sign up on our website.

Kathleen Tarrant
Published: October 7th, 2015 By: Kathleen Tarrant
Kathleen lives and writes in Seattle, WA for local papers like City Arts Magazine and The Stranger, covering music and the arts. When time allows she gets out into the mountains around the Northwest and soaks up all the mossy green magic hidden around them.
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