Lake of Antholz
Emerald waters
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For the mountains lovers and the addicted to mountains lakes, a must see in Northern Italy is Lake of Antholz, a hidden treasure with emerald waters between the mountains of South Tyrol: the lake is at 1.842m, it is surrounded by deep, dark green forests and is guarded by the majestic peaks of the Vedrette di Ries (Rieserferner).

We are just one step away from the border of Austria (which can be crossed a few km ahead from the scenic Staller Pass) at the end of a geen valley between mountains covered with deep forests. Leaving behind some beautiful little towns, at the end of the road that runs through the valley, there is the parking lot of the lake, close to a famous Biathlon area.

The lake cannnot be seen right away, you have to take the path that starts near a very nice hut (try their fries, we swear you will not regreat it!) and you immediately will see the sight: Lake of Antholz opens up into the trees with its waters that change color depending on the light that affects, from blue to turquoise to emerald green. The trail continues through walkways, scenic spots and parts between the fragrant trees. With every step you discover a different angle. With landscapes always new, and the high mountains around reflected on the surface, you will forget the rest of the world, like you are in some kind of different,mystical dimention.

The shores of the lake are equipped with nice places that are serving local specialties, relaxation areas with benches overlooking the lake, a beautiful hotel / restaurant and even a park where you can see deer. With the sun, rain or snow, the Lake of Antholz remains in the heart of those who visit, but we love it especially when the sky is gray / white, the clouds are low and fly on the water, snaking through the trees: It would be no surprise to see fairies dancing around in the woods…

Guest // Gast
Published: April 28th, 2017 By: Guest // Gast
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