Lake Obernberger See
Picturesque Irreality
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There I stand, simply not getting enough of this view. Afar I spot the last signs of winter on the mountain tops. The lush green of the mountains is reflected on the surface of the water. I can spy a little lake chapel through the trees on the other side of the bank. And while I’m standing here, tipping my toes into the icy cold water, I’m wondering why it took me three years to discover this natural gem in the Tyrolean mountains.

We are talking about Lake Obernberger See, probably one of the most pristine alpine lakes in Tyrol. No wonder this place, at an elevation of 1,590 meters, is a site of Special Natural Interest. Tourism here is almost a foreign word, only few know that the side valleys of the Wipptal Valley hold true jewels of nature.

Lake Obernberger See is the ideal place to bask in nature and absorb the stunning scenery. It’s not only Saint Mary’s by the Lake Chapel, built on the remains of a rockfall, giving the landscape an almost picturesque irreality, it’s also the deep blue of the water, where the surrounding mountains are reflected in the water.

A real beauty, that even sulky weather and brief rain showers do not spoil. Even the little chapel holds something picturesque on gray days. I am enjoying the view and the tranquility around me. The first drops of rain made all other hikers disappear abruptly. Only the cow bells on the other side of the lake can still be heard…

Address: Obernberger See, Wipptal, Tirol

Mela Mörtenbäck
Published: May 18th, 2016 By: Mela Mörtenbäck
Mela is a writer who runs the travel blog, individualicious. Full of snippets and snapshots, her blog showcases cafes, hotels and hole-in-the-wall boutiques she’s inspired by. Austrian-born and a Tirol resident, it’s no surprise she loves the mountains as much as traveling abroad. One can spend a lifetime discovering the Alps and Mela is set to do just that.
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