Lake Freibergsee In The Allgäu Alps
Winter Swimming
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Looking for a perfect swimming lake in the mountains? Well, that alpine lake an be found in Oberstdorf, Allgäu in the German Alps!

Lake Freibergsee is not only perfect for hiking and enjoying that precious Allgäu air but also for swimming in both summer and winter, if you are brave enough:)

It’s located directly at the ski flying hill in Oberstdorf and you can choose various options to get to there:

1. for short trips you can start at the car park “Renksteg” (free parking) and then a short 15 minute hike to the lake.
2. For half-day trips, you can start at the “Söllereck” and wander all the way through the forest to the lake.
3. For day-trips, we recommend you hike up the “Söllereck” and then walk a really nice panorama path – which is accessible all year long.

Enjoy the swims and stay wild!

Liz Ke
Published: January 6th, 2016 By: Liz Ke
Liz Ke is a German photographer who captures everything from weddings to the view of where she stands on daily runs. As a distance runner, she can see much of the world through the power of her lens and legs, one of which she uses to hike through forests and balance on mountaintops, the other to fully appreciate the moment wherever she happens to be.
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