Father John Misty
Unmissable And Unbelievable
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When Father John Misty, the solo project of former Fleet Foxes member J. Tillman, first burst through my speakers with his debut album, I didn’t know what to make of it. His swagger, his attitude, the dark, catchy richness of his macabre humor. And then I saw him live, and it became quite clear; I didn’t have to think about what to make of him. In fact, thinking about what Father John Misty is, is to miss his music. Father John Misty is here to proselytize, to convert, to wrap dark gold shadows around the world and to make us dance.

And now he’s coming to Munich on November 2 to make believers of us all. Playing off his deceptively sweet and disturbed I Love You Honeybear, you can expect a rowdy party fronted by the smoothest crooner you could ever want. An album that celebrates the depth of love and the warped reality it creates, his sophomore release makes a live show that is unmissable and unbelievable. Win tickets by emailing us at win@munichandthemountains.com by Oct 30th, 2015 6pm and let us know if you leave the show an apostle. We think you will.

ps. Starting in November, all ticket giveaways will be done via our newsletter, so make sure to sign up on our website.

Kathleen Tarrant
Published: October 23rd, 2015 By: Kathleen Tarrant
Kathleen lives and writes in Seattle, WA for local papers like City Arts Magazine and The Stranger, covering music and the arts. When time allows she gets out into the mountains around the Northwest and soaks up all the mossy green magic hidden around them.
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