Campo Imperatore in Gran Sasso National Park
Italian Wilderness
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There is a place in Central Italy where it is possible to breathe the wilderness essence, where it is possible to stand and to admire the pure power of nature. Standing in this immense land as a small human being, surrounded by high mountains in the absolute silence, which speaks more than any words, it is a refreshment for the soul, which comes out pure and reinforced.

We are in a region called Abruzzo and we are talking about the Campo Imperatore plain, an upland which starts from 1800 meters and, following a scenic road, it ends up at 2130 meters, at the base of Gran Sasso, the highest peak of the Apennines mountains. This majestic mountain dominates the infinite space of the plain, with its 2912 meters.

Campo Imperatore is also called “Little Tibet” and it is often compared to Iceland or to the green northern lands of Ireland and Scotland. It is possible to understand the reasons of this comparison just by getting a glimpse of this place: the endless tundra, lakes that suddenly appear in the meadows, offering perfect reflections of the surroundings, rocky peaks that, at sunrise and at sunset, reflect the light in a thousand different ways and in the end, an unpredictable weather which suddenly transforms winter into summer and a perfect summer time into a winter day with rain, fog and sometimes snow.

We love to come here to get away from the chaos of everyday life and to regenerate our spirits in this ancient, mystical and wild land, which deserves to be discovered.

HOW TO GET THERE: Follow the highway A24 until you reach Aquila city and take the highway exit (you will have to pay a little tax). From here, you have to follow the signs that guide you to Campo Imperatore. You can also reach the place with a cableway, but we suggest you to take the road because it is more scenic!

Campo Imperatore is surrounded by a lot of magical places which deserve to be seen. We suggest you to go to the castle of Rocca Calascio, the most high fortress of Middle Italy. It is built among the rocks, and offers a 360° view on all the National Park.

Martina and Federico are two siblings from Italy, with a deep love for adventures and mountains. The more they visit wild places, the happier they are. Martina is a travel journalist and writer and Federico is an outdoor and adventure photographer; exploring all the wildest places in the world together telling their adventures by their arts. You can follow them on IG: @freelander__ and @martyinfantasyland

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